Lady Gaga Hits 20 Milliion Twitter Followers.

March 4, 2012

Lady Gaga is has become the first person ever to hit 20 million twitter followers. On Saturday lady Gaga moved past the 20,000,000 mark making history. Britney spears was the most followed person by august 2010, until Lady Gaga overtook her, and has since held the first position. Spears currently has over 6 million twitter followers less than Gaga.  Her followers currently stand at roughly 13.5 million.

Justin Bieber is the second on the list with over 18 million followers, but Gaga should not feel threatened yet as her growth rate is higher than Bieber’s.

Predictably, the top 5 most followed people on twitter are all musicians. Here is the list.

Lady Gaga – 20 million
Justin Bieber – 18 million
Katy Perry – 15.7 million
Shakira – 14.5 million
Rihanna – 14.4 million

Lady Gaga has 48.8 million fans on Facebook and over 830,000 circles on Google+ . Those astronomical figures are probably what motivated her to launch her own social network, Little Monsters.

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