Jesus Face appears To Painter On a Wall.

March 18, 2012
We have heard over the years of Jesus face appearing on odd places out of nowhere. The latest to be reported is an incident where the face of the son of God was discovered by a painter on a wall behind a sound system. Sam Dalby was working on a house in Austwick when he had his holy encounter. Sam did not notice it until he sat down to have a sandwich. That encounter, however, did not prevent Sam from finishing his painting job, covering it with 2 coats of paint. 
December last year, Sarah Crane was amazed when she hang her laundry to dry only to see Jesus’ face embossed on a sock. She was so impressed that she built a shrine for the holiest pair of socks.
Jesus face has been spotted on very weird places including a pan and on a slice of bread.
Recently, a chicken nugget in the shape of US president George Washington, sold for $ 8,100 on eBay.


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