Jaguar Denies Interest In Makadara MP Seat.

March 23, 2012
musician jaguar

MP, not me..

Musician Jaguar, famous for his ‘kigeugeu’ hit song has denied claims that he is going to vie for the Makadara mp seat. An imposter claiming to be him, took to twitter to announce his candidature. Jaguar is a very good friend of current Makadara mp Mike Sonko and the tweet may have been out to create a gulf between the two, considering the unaccommodating nature of Kenyan politics. Sonko has on several occasions been spotted in Jaguar’s performances.

Jaguar told the Star newspaper, “I was shocked when nominated MP Rachel Shebesh called me to congratulate me for finally joining politics. I wouldn’t want the current MP who is a very good friend of mine to think that I’m now going to be his rival. Politics is not my thing,”
The musician has been philanthropic of late distributing water tanks bearing his signature to various hoods including: Ngara, Makadara,and Kibera, so the mp thing made a lot of sense.

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