The Most Liked Kenyan Facebook Pages

February 10, 2012

 Politicians, KTN, Safaricom Facebook pages show strongest growth
The top Kenyan Facebook pages continued to draw fans support this week albeit at differing paces. While Martha Karua (the long running top personality facebook page) continued to rise, this week she lost her mantle at the top to Uhuru Kenyatta who this week has added 5,000+ fans with over 1000 joining yesterday alone.

KTN TV and Safaricom all continued to rise while Daily Nation, Capital FM and Mwalimu Kingang’i slowed somewhat.  The top gainer of the week was Uhuru Kenyatta who has 155,000+ fans on Facebook. He added 5,649 fans compared to Karua’s 2,590 this week bringing his fan count to 155,446 compared to Karua’s 155,395.

In third was KTN which added 1,645 fans. Safaricom was fourth with 1,575 fans added to its tally of 106,000 fans while fast-rising Ghetto Radio, with roughly the same number of fans added 1,190 fans. So as of yesterday the top rated Kenyan Facebook pages by fans were led by NTV with 269,000 fans followed by Easy FM with 227,000 fans with the Daily Nation in third place with 187,900 fans. A lot of this can be attributed to promotion done by the Daily Nation page for its other brands.
Fourth is Citizen TV with 176,000 fans followed by Uhuru Kenyatta and Martha Karua at 155,000 fans with KTN TV seventh at 148,500 fans. Mwalimu Kingangi (Churchill) is at 134,000 fans is number eight, Capital FM (119,000) ninth and Maina Kageni at 108,000 fans is number 10. Ghetto Radio (106,299) and Safaricom at 106,067 is just outside the top ten. Politicians Raila Odinga and Peter Kenneth have 78,000 and 47,000 fans respectively with radio presenter Caroline Mutoko also at 48,000 fans.

In terms of personalities, Uhuru Kenyatta, Martha Karua, Mwalimu Kingangi, Maina Kageni, Raila Odinga and William Ruto lead the pack. Politicians tend to have split numbers because they have multiple pages unlike corporate brands which have one main point of reference page. For example, Raila Odinga has two Facebook fanpages one with 78,000 fans and the other with 74,000 although membership could overlap. Ditto: William Ruto who has two pages one with 58,000 fans the other 52,972. Kalonzo Musyoka has 19,156fans. Uhuru has his fan page but also has Team Uhuru. Facebook pages not only are good for building a brand but they also support it and recruit more people to the same brand.

Today, Facebook has overtaken Google as the internet’s top referral site so if you have a message, you should be positioned as to take advantage of traffic coming from Facebook. For example if you have a website, it would be good to make it convenient for visitors to share content on Facebook. That way people can spread your message to even more friends.
Again having a Facebook page not only extends your reach but also allows you to carry out campaigns on a platform that hosts a great deal of people much like the penny press of the 19th Century helped bring about massification: industrial towns that produced more than could be consumed in their localities could market them across the country through advertising in cheap newspapers helping bring about the industrial revolution.

Source: The Star

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