Has Andre Villas-Boas Been Sacked Yet .com

February 13, 2012

After a series of consistent display of dismay result by Chelsea, it is now a foregone conclusion that Andre Villas Boas (AVB), has put Abramovich’s patience to the ultimate test. Number 2 was not good enough for Chelsea last season, and that cost Ancellotti his job. This season the probability of the former champions finishing at number 4 lie on the balance and so does AVB’s job. People have been waiting for that announcement, but so far, nothing. The anxiety is surely in the air on whether AVB will be at Stamford Bridge next season. As the world waits, their is a new site in town. It is ‘coutdowning’ AVB’s stay at Chelsea. The site has a long name, that can easily be ignored as nonsensical, but on closer look, it makes a lot of sense. It goes by the name www.hasandrevillasboasbeensackedyet.com, that is has andre villas boas been sacked yet.com.

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