Carpenter Hides Inside Coffin To Avoid His Landlord.

January 22, 2012
A coffin maker in Molo town is said to have hidden inside one of his creations to avoid his landlord.The man in his late 30s has been playing hide and seek with the landlord and is said to have made a habit of arriving home past midnight and leaving before 5.00 am.

On the fateful day, the carpenter left home early as usual, and the landlord having had enough of his antics decided to seek directions to his work station, an paid him a mid morning visit. The hawk eyed coffin maker was not expecting this but he had clearly rehearsed for such an eventuality. He was able to spot him from a distance and ducked into one of his finished products.

“I uria okite (there, he is coming!),” he told his workers while slipping into one of the finished coffins.

Surprisingly, the landlord did not see his tenant pop into the coffin and went ahead to tell some other carpenters to warn their colleague of dire consequences if he failed to pay that day. He then, innocently opened a coffin, to inspect its finishing, only to find his tenant in it. He did not love what he saw and decided to rain heavy blows on him, in the process attracting a big crowd.

source, standard newspaper

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