Actress Junie Hoang Sues IMDB For Revealing Her Real Name

January 9, 2012

Junie Hoang, an actress, has sued The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) in a Washington court for revealing her real name and age on their website. Junie Hoang is the name she uses in America claiming her real name is hard to pronounce and led to discrimination in Hollywood. She claims that she looks way younger than her real 40 years and by revealing her real age, IMDB led her to lose her job and practically stopped her from getting more deals.

Hoang claims that IMDB took information from her credit card when she registered with the IMDbPro subscription service in 2008,and they refused to remove the information from her profile when requested. Hoang has appeared in several low budget movies including, Domain of the Damned and  Career Day.

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