Will Tusker All Stars Do Away With The Super Fans?

June 28, 2011
After hundreds of negative comments on the premiere of Tusker All Stars, Tusker may have finally decided to act. They have made a promise to turn things round coming Sunday.The issue of contention revolved around the presence of super fans and maybe Tusker has decided to do away with them. On a wall post on the official Tusker All Stars page, Tusker also confirmed that Tusker Project Fame will also be on air later this year. Sampling the comments on that post, it is clear that the announcement was welcome by the fans. Here is the post

Hi Tusker fans! Thanks for all your comments, much appreciated. Tusker remains devoted to developing new talent through Tusker Project fame (which comes to your screens later this year btw). Tusker all stars is a celebration of the stars that Tusker has created all the way from season 1 to 4. And just to spice things up you can look forward to an interesting twist in the next episode this Sunday……. stay tuned!
Tusker all stars official facebook page is /tuskerlager
All tusker all stars stories appearing on nairobi wire are mostly official communications. 

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