Play The Google Guitar, Record and Listen Forever.

June 10, 2011

During the celebration of Les Paul 96th birthday, google dsigned its best doodle ever and the reception was WOW!. googlers around the world tried their ‘electric guitar prowess’ by recording themselves playing the guitar. The guitar which may have passed some people as any other doodle was alive. That I had mentioned here. Google was overwhelmed by the reception the doodle got world over and decided to extend its stay for another whole day. (Google doodles are only online for 24 hrs)

Still, after the extra day, reception was very positive and now google has decided to hear the peoples plea. The electric guitar google doodle will be available forever for us to record ourselves and play the tunes and even share with others. Just click on this link to try it.
Earlier there had been some technical errors in that that functionality was only available in America but that was sorted out. Anyone in Nairobi or anywhere can now try it.

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