Kenya has a big problem. Despite being among the richest countries in Africa, the state of our infrastructure does nothing to support that.

The Chinese construct some really beautiful flyovers, and then we fill them with ‘Waititu 4 Governor’ graffiti and thousands of ugly posters. Then someone at KenHA comes up with a ‘brilliant’ idea to stop this practice… ”Why don’t we paint them yellow, with messages of how much we care,” he poses. The proposal passes.

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say the yellow colour sucks. I wish they just painted them plain white or grey like most of the world and left them that way. (Of course with the Sh85,000 warning).

But the issue of aesthetics (or lack of it) is not only in the roads department.

Sometimes we are left to wonder whether a blind person approved the SGR locomotives.

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Whether or not they function as required, a little consideration on beauty and customer comfort is not asking for too much. Especially when a Sh300 billion budget is involved.

Now come to Kenyatta University.

The Thika Road based campus has in the last 10 years witnessed the kind of transformation not seen anywhere in this country. From an ugly education college before Olive Mugenda came in, to a desirable institution that people actually want to enroll in.

However most of their new buildings, unfortunately, are still built like we are in the 70s. Small windows and bare visible bricks (stones) are the standard feature.

The new Kenyatta University Referral Hospital, and Children’s Hospital, has followed the same template. Mind you, this is a Sh10 billion project.

Here are some pictures.

Kenyatta University has more land than they know what to do with, and all they needed to do was hire a good architect and approve a good design. The only explanation as to how such an atrocious thing was approved and built, is that the architect knew people in the board.

Now, compare that to this Teaching and Referral Hospital in Dar es Salaam, completed this year.

The Tanzanian hospital is not of striking beauty, but is still miles ahead of the eyesore Kenyatta University has put up.

What about Ghana, a country with just about the same GDP as Kenya.

You will shed a tear for our beloved country when you see what they opened last year. Here’s the University of Ghana Medical Centre – a 600-bed capacity hospital that is the true definition of ultra modern.

I know you have a lot of questions, but I’ll say what we’re all thinking… Who cursed us?

Photos courtesy of Skyscrapercity

  • tomyebei

    Aesthetics don’t matter in this country. Look at even the roads constructed by local companies, it’s a disaster

  • Wmwebia

    We will take decades (if ever) to recover from the mess that we’ve gotten ourselves into in the last 5yrs.

  • KaCharlie

    That KU hospital is a disaster. Nobody can tell me it is modern or up to standards inside. The outside tells everything. Shags modus!

  • Joeljames

    Who cursed Kenya? Its time to pray harder

    • Tath_Ngui

      We cursed ourselves. In all our cultures we know that the blood of those who were murdered cries from the ground for vengeance. Everything this Jubilee government has touched has crumbled or become rust. Everything they touch is cursed, everything they do is a symbol of loss, of rot and of death. Prayer will not be enough, we need a full national exorcism, a sack cloth grieving for our national wrongs, and crying out to God to have mercy on us, and to agree to atone for those we have slaughtered, and for agreeing to vote in murderers as leaders. And that oathing, oh God that oathing of the the nation and its people to special demons in exchange for power and wealth, that is also why the blood never stops. Who will stop that if even the church leaders are compromised? They take their Godly annointing to their special events (remember last year’s Kasarani ‘birthday party’ which was a mass oathing event) and sell it to that ‘kingdom’. Pray, you said? Oh we need more than that. We need righteous men and women of Kenya to dare to say no more. enough. We belong to the one true God and Him alone will we serve. We need real men and women of Gd to exorcise this nation and liberate it from its bondage to hell.

  • Tath_Ngui

    Whatever that monstrosity is at Kenyatta University, it is not worth ten billion anything. Not even Zimbabwe dollars. Please do not call the ghastly shelters that were constructed under the looting spree tenure of that woman as progress. It is shallowness that fails to appreciate the value of old structures and collapses these to fabric illusion in plastic. She congested the university consuming every green space in a fury of construction that was never about need but only about how much could be skimmed out of a project. Most of the money went into personal projects. The architects they employ are their cousins who cannot draw, the structural engineers are relatives who are awarde degrees without having attended a class. What you are seeing is an exaggeration of something, which for lack of a better word can be called a Kiambu (non) aesthetic. Come the firs major rains , the building will sink into the ground together with patients and doctors. This chaos is what the face of hell looks like. The rot in the human soul, the Kenyan spirit buried by the elevation of pure evil. The unqualified mediocrities who take positions they are so unqualified for and who then proceed to suppress the lives of any form of excellence, and then on top of that proceed to celebrate their nonsense and ground it o a tribal premise. No one dares call this crap exactly what it is, crap. Will we recover from this? How? The whole thing has to be burned to the ground and rebuilt. But I wonder if Kenya will survive this. When we were waned that choices had consequences, how were we to imagine that the consequence would be the loss of the ideal of Kenya?