PHOTOS – President’s Son Muhoho Kenyatta Showcases His Designs at The Kenya Fashion Week

17 year old first son, Muhoho Kenyatta, on Saturday showcased his designs at the inaugural Kenya Fashion Week.
Mo, as he’s referred to by friends, is the head of production at Nomadic Kenya, a fashion line he formed together with friends from Peponi School. 
The other co-founders are: Wasim Manji, 16 – head of accounts, Rudra Khanna, 17 – head of operations and Royal media MD son Waruru Wachira, 17 – head of marketing.
Nomadic makes their clothes from Khangas, and these include trousers, harems and shorts. Mo made the first prototype two years ago, and following the encouragement he got from friends and family, he brought in a few friends from his school.
Some of Nomadic’s products will be on sale at Westgate mall this September.
Here are some photos from Saturday night, courtesy of Capital FM.

Photos by Capital FM
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