PHOTOS of Suspects Busted With Items Looted From Chieni Supermarkets

July 5, 2024

Police in Nyeri and Laikipia counties are making significant progress in their investigation into the recent break-ins and arson attacks at Chieni supermarkets. They have recovered a substantial amount of stolen goods and apprehended multiple suspects found in possession of these items.

The recovered items include washing machines, refrigerators, water dispensers, bicycles, kitchenware, food items, clothing, and various other items.

In Nanyuki, 24-year-old Chris Nduni Wamuhu was arrested at a rental house with a stolen Hisense fridge, Uken water dispenser, coffee cups, teaspoons, hotpot dishes, and luminarc plates, among other items.

Wamuhu’s involvement was identified through circulated phone recordings capturing him stealing from the supermarket.

Near Kengeles club in Nanyuki, police found 30-year-old Moses Njuguna Gachwe in possession of 22 pairs of khaki trousers, 9 T-shirts, 24 pairs of underwear (boxers), and sandals, all stolen during the disturbances.

In another location at Asian Quarters on the outskirts of Nanyuki, 35-year-old Charles Kaariri Mumbi was arrested with a junior ride bike. Additionally, 41-year-old John Ndirangu Ndirirtu was found with six vacuum flasks, a shopping trolley, an LG fridge, and several luminarc plates and cups.

“Several other suspects have so far been arrested and more recoveries made, as police continue investigations to nab other identifiable persons captured igniting the fires and disappearing with stolen goods,” the DCI reported.

Here are some of the photos.

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