Okiya Omtatah Lists Conditions for Presidential Bid in 2027: “We must have a digital election”

July 8, 2024

Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah openly discussed the possibility of his candidacy in the 2027 presidential elections, addressing the topic during a Twitter Space session on Sunday, July 7.

Omtatah outlined specific conditions that would influence his decision to run for the presidency, emphasizing that his motivation would not stem from personal ambition but rather from a call by the people.

“The answer is why not? But I will not run for president because I want to be president but because the people think I am the best driver of the vehicle they have invented,” he asserted.

“If there is a clear vehicle that wants to turn the direction of this country and people think I am the best driver I will have a duty to do so.”

Practicalities of a presidential bid

Regarding the practicalities of a presidential bid, Omtatah stressed the need for substantial public support and a well-structured approach. He metaphorically likened the process to wartime leadership, highlighting the collective effort required for success.

“But we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. Nothing is ruled out; everything is possible. When we are at war, you don’t leave the battle to soldiers. War is never won by soldiers but by the general people who rise behind them,” he remarked.

Omtatah insisted on grassroots endorsement and operational clarity before committing to a 2027 campaign, emphasizing the importance of collaborative leadership over personal prominence.

“I must be me leading a team where I am indispensable not a personality cult, otherwise I will be set up for a personality failure,” he cautioned.

“I am not superhuman. There must be those clear terms of engagement but most important as part of a team not as an individual collecting all manner of characters to proper over the pass line.”

Moreover, Omtatah pressed for electoral reforms, advocating for a digital voting system and decentralized result announcements. He called for election outcomes to be declared at the constituency level, ensuring transparency and minimizing central manipulation.

“We must have a digital election. If these things are in place I will comfortably run for the president of this country if the people of Kenya think that I am the best the candidate within that particular time,” he affirmed.

In addressing the electoral process, Omtatah emphasized the need for tamper-proof mechanisms that allow for real-time declaration of results, safeguarding against electoral malpractice.

“We must get to a point where we have tamper-proof elections that can be declared in real time without those who cook elections having time to manipulate and interfere with the results.”

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