NCIC Calls on Kenyans to Report Hate Speech and Ethnic Contempt

July 11, 2024

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) is urging the public to report instances of hate speech that could incite ethnic contempt, hostility, violence, or discrimination, thereby disrupting harmony in Kenya. They can do so by using the toll-free SMS number 1547.

In a statement released on their official handle, the Commission mentioned that it actively monitors hate speech incidents across social media and other public platforms.

NCIC highlighted a significant decrease in reported cases, attributing it to ongoing public engagement aimed at reducing hate speech and ethnic contempt.

“The Commission received 67 cases in the last quarter (April-June 2024), with 43 under investigation, 2 before the courts, 13 concluded, and 13 resolved through conciliation under the NCI Act 2008 provisions,” the statement detailed.

Regarding social media, NCIC flagged 44 cases related to discrimination, 24 for incitement, 6 involving hate speech, 93 for misinformation, and 68 for disinformation, totaling 268 cases.

NCIC reiterated its commitment to preserving Kenya’s peaceful coexistence and solidifying the progress achieved in recent years.

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