DCI Releases PHOTOS of Looters, Appeals to Public for Identification

July 2, 2024

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) is actively investigating and apprehending “treasonous criminals” who exploited the anti-finance bill protests on Tuesday, June 25.

In a statement issued on July 1, the DCI revealed that groups with criminal intentions had taken advantage of nationwide peaceful protests organized by Kenyan youth (Gen Z) to loot businesses in Nairobi and other parts of the country.

“Posing as demonstrators, the bad elements who were also well-organized earmarked several business premises including boutiques, electronic shops and supermarkets, breaking in and massively looting to the detriment of innocent business owners,” the DCI stated.

The DCI emphasized that these actions deprived many Kenyans of their livelihoods and threatened an essential constitutional right.

“In that regard, the DCI’s Imaging and Acoustic Unit domiciled at the National Forensic Laboratory has since retrieved numerous CCTV footages that captured identifiable persons, whose felonious acts isolate them from the hundreds of thousands that stuck to their course,” the Directorate added.

The DCI also disclosed that some of the accused individuals have already been arrested and brought before various courts across the country.

However, the DCI underscored that others remain at large and could continue to pose harm, endangering more Kenyans.

“Whereas some have already been arrested and arraigned in various courts today, more are still out there on the streets waiting for other opportune times to strike again, causing more damage and risking the lives of innocent citizens caught up in the course of quelling the crimes,” the DCI stated.

The DCI stressed the importance of public assistance in locating these ‘criminals’ who do not adhere to shared principles and values.

The Agency reiterated that these individuals are unfit to coexist with law-abiding citizens.

“We can flush them out from among our numbers because they do not share the principles that define what we stand for, and more so for the sake of those who did not deserve to lose their only means of livelihood in this manner,” the DCI statement emphasized.

The DCI urged the public to report any identified suspects to the nearest police station or through their toll-free hotline.

“Do you know any of them? Please report to any police station or #FichuakwaDCI by calling our toll-free hotline 0800 722 203,” the DCI urged.

The DCI mentioned that it is their responsibility as a criminal investigative agency to thoroughly investigate and prosecute any individuals involved in such blatant criminal activities.

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