Woman Confesses to Using Erroneously Sent M-Pesa Money To Feed Starving Family

June 7, 2024

A woman confessed in Court to using money mistakenly sent to her M-Pesa account to treat herself and her family.

Before Principal Magistrate Irene Mugo, 39-year-old Mary Njeri Kamoko pleaded guilty to the offense of withholding payment erroneously delivered to her, contrary to the Computer Misuse and Cyber Crimes Act.

According to court records, Njeri unlawfully withheld an electronic payment of Kes.47,500 sent to her via M-Pesa by Christopher Momanyi.

Before the ‘miracle’ money incident, Njeri, who resides within Karumande shopping center in Kariru, Kirinyaga County, had visited her mother with the intention of asking for food for her three children.

While at her mother’s home, Safaricom agents registering lines approached her. Since she had misplaced her phone and ID, she asked her mother to allow her to register a line using her ID.

Later that evening, upon returning home, the money was deposited into her M-Pesa account. She neither returned it nor answered the complainant’s calls.

Njeri reportedly returned t her mother’s, retrieved her ID, and used it to activate her M-Pesa account. She withdrew Kes.20,000, giving half to her male friend. She later withdrew the remaining amount and went on a shopping spree.

Allegedly, she purchased a bed, mattress, blanket, food, paid school fees, and bought school uniforms and other clothing for her children. By the time the police caught up with her, she had spent all the money.

She informed the officers that her family had been without food for days, which prompted her to use the money.

Appearing in a Nairobi court, she admitted to committing the offense, and the court scheduled a mention date pending the reading of facts and further determination.

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