Ruto and Uhuru Discuss Retirement Perks Complaints

June 12, 2024

On Tuesday, President William Ruto discussed concerns with his predecessor, retired President Uhuru Kenyatta, regarding the disbursement of funds allocated to Kenyatta’s office.

State House spokesperson Hussein Mohamed stated that following the talks, President Ruto appointed a team led by Head of Public Service Felix Koskei to address the grievances the former President’s office raised on Monday.

The team will address issues including the location of the retired President’s office and the associated staff establishment.

“This morning, President William Ruto had a conversation with his predecessor in office, the 4th President, President Uhuru Kenyatta, regarding concerns about facilitating the functioning of the retired President’s office.”

“President Ruto has consequently constituted a team, led by the Head of Public Service, to immediately address all the issues raised, including the location of the retired President’s office and the attendant staff establishment,” said Mohamed.

This follows Uhuru Kenyatta’s accusations that his successor’s government is frustrating him by denying benefits due to him under the Presidential Retirement Act.

Through spokesperson Kanze Dena, the retired President listed numerous grievances, including financial restrictions such as being denied official office space.

Aside from the Kes.48 million gratuity paid to Kenyatta at the end of his service, the monthly allowances, and medical cover, his office claimed he had been denied access to the budgetary allocation released to the State House Comptroller for disbursement to him.

The denial of funds reportedly forced the former president to finance the operations of his office personally.

The Presidential Retirement Benefits Act grants a retired president various benefits, including a monthly pension, entertainment allowance, housing allowance, suitable office space, two new cars replaceable every two years, two four-wheel drive cars of his choice replaceable every three years, a fuel allowance, water, electricity, and telephone facilities, and full medical and hospital coverage, among other benefits.

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