Kenya Backs US Position on Israel-Hamas Conflict

June 3, 2024

Kenya has voiced its support for the suggestion made by the United States (US), Qatar, and Egypt to bring an end to the Israel-Hamas conflict.

In a statement, Korir Sing’Oei, the Principal Secretary for Foreign Affairs, affirmed Kenya’s endorsement of the initiative put forth by the three countries to achieve a resolution to the ongoing war.

“We fully align ourselves with this crucial initiative aimed at halting the Israel-Hamas conflict, which has resulted in widespread killings and devastation in Gaza and other parts of Palestine, triggering an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. We urge the parties involved to make any necessary compromises to secure a permanent ceasefire,” Sing’Oei stated.

The Principal Secretary declared Kenya’s backing following the release of a joint statement by the three nations, calling for a cessation of hostilities in Gaza.

Qatar, Egypt, and the US are mediating ongoing discussions to secure a ceasefire in Gaza and the release of hostages and detainees.

The mediators have called on both Hamas and Israel to finalize the agreement embodying the principles outlined by US President Joe Biden on May 31, 2024.

“This deal offers a roadmap for a permanent ceasefire and ending the crisis,” read the joint statement, asserting that the principles outlined in the agreement address the demands of all parties involved.

President Biden announced on May 31 that Israel had proposed a three-part plan aimed at achieving a permanent ceasefire in the Gaza Strip and releasing all hostages held there for the last eight months.

Biden clarified that the plan’s first phase would commence with six weeks of a full and complete ceasefire. He emphasized that this would entail the withdrawal of Israeli forces from populated areas of Gaza and the release of women and children who were being held hostage.

During this period, Biden stated that the two parties would negotiate a permanent ceasefire despite the possibility of setbacks.

Additionally, there would be a surge in humanitarian aid, and Palestinian civilians would be able to return to their homes in Gaza.

However, Biden clarified that phase two would not commence until all agreements outlined in phase one were reached.

The second stage would involve the release of all living hostages in exchange for Palestinians imprisoned in Israel. Subsequently, there would be a permanent cessation of hostilities in exchange for the release of the remaining living hostages, and Israeli forces would withdraw from Gaza.

According to Biden, the final step would involve initiating a significant reconstruction plan in Gaza and returning the remains of deceased hostages to their families.

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