DP Hosts Poet Princess, Pledges to Support Her Education to University

June 12, 2024

On Tuesday, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua and his spouse, Pastor Dorcas Rigathi, hosted Princess Angel, the 11-year-old girl who boldly recited a poem during the Akorinu National Prayers Conference at Nakuru High School, Nakuru County, last Sunday.

The Deputy President described Princess Angel as gifted and vowed to take care of her education to help her achieve her career dream.

“We can’t allow that talent to go to waste. We have secured admission at Utawala Academy; she will join immediately,” the Deputy President said.

Mr. Gachagua emphasized the importance of identifying and supporting talent to fruition in uplifting those at the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid.

The young, elated youngster appreciated the kind gesture of the Deputy President in hosting her alongside her mother, Ann Kariuki, for breakfast and offering to support her education.

“I am very excited to meet Riggy G. I had longed for this moment. I say thank you, Deputy President, for identifying my talent. I promise to work hard and become a heavyweight lawyer, to support young talent from underprivileged backgrounds,” Angel said.

Angel encouraged other children to come out and showcase their talent, as it may propel them to their destiny.

The mother expressed deep gratitude to the Deputy President and his spouse for hosting them, saying the visit to the Residence is a dream come true.

“Angel is very sharp. She asked me to work with her in drafting the poem on the President and his Deputy. Within minutes, she had perfected and mastered it. My input was negligible; she led the process. I am grateful the Deputy President has offered to help us,” she said.

Angel stole the show on Sunday by profusely reciting a poem during the church event, attended by President Ruto, Deputy Gachagua, Nakuru Governor Susana Kihika, among other prominent politicians and the Akorinu faithful.

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