CJ Koome Opens Africa’s First Autonomous Community Justice Center

June 6, 2024

Chief Justice Martha Koome has inaugurated Africa’s first autonomous Alternative Justice System (AJS) Centre.

The AJS Centre is an initiative led by the Inter-faith Christian Forum in collaboration with the Judiciary and the County Government of Nakuru.

CJ Koome recognized the establishment, known as the ‘House of Reconciliation’, AJS Centre, as the first of its kind in the entire region, an innovation expected to benefit the communities in Nakuru and Kenyans nationwide.

“It is a recognition that mediation and reconciliation processes, including those conducted within our alternative justice mechanisms, are central for the resolution disputes given that they are collaborative processes that foster long-term relationships,” said Koome.

The CJ noted that the Centre will contribute to creating a just social order, prioritizing reconciliation and fostering peaceful co-existence in communities.

“This novel innovation becomes a beacon of good practice and a symbol of the multi-door access to justice,” she said.

The launch event witnessed the presence of key figures, including the Deputy Chief Justice of Uganda, Hon. Justice Richard Buteera, and the Deputy Governor of Nakuru County, David Kones.

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