The Richest Casino Owners in the World

May 23, 2024

We often associate land-based casinos as places for elites to bet on various table games, socialize, and have fun. However, they are well-organized business hubs owned by certain individuals. Many of these physical establishments exist; consequently, there’s a long list of casino owners.

However, the experts at have narrowed the list to the richest casino owners in the world. Here are the top eight:

1. Miriam Adelson – $35.7 Billion USD

Mrs Adelson’s wealth stands tall among other global casino owners. She is the richest casino owner on our list. Her late husband, Sheldon Adelson, once occupied this position, having a net worth of over $30 billion. However, he left the wealth (primarily Las Vegas Sands) to his wife after passing on in 2021.

Today, Mrs. Adelson and her family own over half of the casino empire on the New York Stock Exchange. Las Vegas Sands operates casinos in Singapore and Macau, including the following:

  • The Marina Bay Sands & Casino in Singapore
  • Sand Cotai Central Casino and Hotels Macau
  • Sands Macau Casino and Hotel
  • The Parisian Macau Casino
  • The Venetian Casino and Hotels Macau

2. Dr. Lui Che Woo – $11.7 Billion USD

We traced Lui Che’s roots to the 1950s. That is when he established the first K Wah company in Hong Kong, which has grown to accommodate the following:

  • K Wah International Holdings Ltd
  • Galaxy Entertainment Group
  • Standford Hotels International
  • K. Wah Construction Materials Limited.

Prominent casino properties under Dr. Lui Che include the Galaxy Macau Casino and Hotel, which opened in 2011. The impressive structure houses 50 restaurants, 2,200 rooms, 450 casino tables, a wave pool, and an artificial beach.

Lui Che’s gaming business began in the early 2000s. Today, his eldest son manages Galaxy’s operations while his son, Alexander, and daughter, Paddy, focus on K. Wah.

3. Pansy Ho – $5.8 Billion USD

Despite being born into wealth, Pansy Ho has sustained her family’s fortune and prowess in the Chinese casino industry. She is the chairman of Shun Tak Holdings, a Hong Kong property development company her father founded. Her exploits in the gaming sphere include a partial partnership of MGM China and her late father’s SJM.

With MGM China being one of Macau’s six casino licensees, Pansy’s influence in the industry is immense. This illustrious lady, a valuable addition to our list, is a casino owner, a philanthropist, and an art lover. Our findings reveal several donations to cultural organizations, including the Asia Society.

4. Kunio Busujima – $4.2 Billion USD

The Japanese government has yet to legalize casino operations. However, residents and visitors can attest to the booming Pachinko Parlors throughout the country. Many of these machines are products of Sankyo, an establishment of Kunio Busujima. In fact, Sankyo is one of the three leading companies in that business venture. Hence, it is easy to see Kunio’s dominance and wealth, which amounted to $4 billion.

Pachinko machines are less prominent outside Japan, as slots take the lead. Yet, as simple as the machine is, it is a primary figure in Japan’s gaming industry. The pachinko machine is Kunio’s primary source of wealth, enough to have made him the richest casino owner in Japan.

5. Steve Wynn – $3.2 Billion USD

With humble beginnings in an East Coast bingo parlor, Wynn moved operations to Las Vegas in 1967. He co-founded Wynn Resorts, a household name on the Las Vegas Strip. Prominent casinos that came through him include Treasure Island, The Mirage, The Bellagio, and Wynn Las Vegas.

The Golden Nugget stands out as Steve Wynn’s earliest achievement. Today, we know the business mogul for his efforts through Encore Las Vegas, Wynn Macau, and Encore Macau. Those who frequent Las Vegas can attest to Steve’s influence in turning the place into a luxury destination that many long to see.

6. Phil Ruffin – $3.2 Billion USD

The Las Vegas Strip is a choice destination for society’s elites. Among the locations most frequented on the strip are Treasure Island Hotel and Casino, the Circus Circus, and the Las Vegas Festival Grounds. Phil Ruffin is the man behind them. He did not start as a casino owner; instead, he sold hamburgers before establishing convenience stores and venturing into real estate and hotels.

This U.S. billionaire is a business partner of former U.S. President Donald Trump. He owns 50% of the Trump Las Vegas International Hotel. He has earned enough to be one of the most successful businessmen in Vegas. Casino Miami is one of his recent acquisitions.

7. John Paulson – $3 Billion USD

This Wall Street billionaire holds 13.7 million shares in Caesars Entertainment, a casino and entertainment company worth over $2.6 billion. John Paulson might be associated with casinos, but his most significant career leap came outside the industry. He catapulted himself into fame and wealth after betting against the U.S. subprime mortgage lending market. The move brought him $4 billion, helping him cement his place among global billionaires.

We won’t classify John Paulson as a direct casino owner like others on this list. However, his investment management expertise has earned him undeniable wealth in the industry.

8. The Fertitta brothers, Frank & Lorenzo – 2.9 billion USD each

You might associate these two illustrious brothers with the Red Rock Resorts. However, the latter came after a series of IPOs and the rebranding of their father’s business, Station Casinos. Today, each brother has a net worth of $2.9 billion.

The younger brother, Lorenzo Fertitta, is the chairman of Fertitta Capital. He was once the CEO of the renowned Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Frank and Lorenzo sold the UFC for a record $4 billion. This deal catapulted them into becoming billionaires. Today, they have leveraged their expertise and expanded Station Casinos into 19 U.S. locations.

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