Malala Defends Displaying National Flag on His Car Despite Not Holding Government Position

May 31, 2024

UDA Secretary General Cleophas Malala on Thursday explained why his car flies the national flag, even though he does not hold a government position.

Only a select few are permitted to fly the national flag on their official cars, including the President, the Deputy President, the Speakers of the National Assembly and Senate, and Cabinet Secretaries.

Malala explained that he sits in the Cabinet as President William Ruto’s adviser on implementing the Kenya Kwanza manifesto. He emphasized that the distinction between the ruling party and the government is minimal because the government would not exist without the party.

Malala added that he did not appoint himself to attend Cabinet meetings and suggested that anyone with concerns should address them with President William Ruto.

“The President in his wisdom said he wanted to have his advisor sit in the Cabinet to ensure the issues highlighted in his manifesto. There is no way I can be in government without a party. The party is what formed the government,” Malala said.

“Without the party, there is no government and so the President said I’ll be attending cabinet meetings to advise on how the political agenda and the implementation of the manifesto is ongoing… I did not appoint myself to be sitting in cabinet.”

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