Health CS Nakhumicha Initiates NHIF Asset Verification Exercise

May 14, 2024

Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha Wafula has initiated the NHIF asset verification exercise.

In a statement released on Monday, May 13, the Ministry of Health announced this as a significant stride toward transitioning to the Social Health Authority(SHA).

The verification process targets assets and liabilities held by NHIF across its headquarters, branches, satellites, and various Huduma Centers before transferring them to SHA.

Nakhumicha stressed the importance of this exercise in ensuring a seamless transition without compromising service delivery.

“The transition should be imperceptible to NHIF beneficiaries, except for the anticipated improvement in service quality,” remarked the CS.

She emphasized that this meticulous process not only guarantees a smooth transition but also upholds accountability and transparency standards.

Nakhumicha reaffirmed the government’s commitment to making SHA operational by July 1, with household registration set to begin in May.

Assuring Kenyans of uninterrupted NHIF services during the transition, she praised the Ministry of Health for swiftly settling pending bills, ensuring continuous access to healthcare services for all citizens.

Recognizing the efforts of the Transition Committee and collaborating ministries, she highlighted the crucial role of health financing in achieving Universal Health Coverage.

CS Nakhumicha cited the enactment of the Social Health Insurance Act and the establishment of funds under SHA as significant milestones toward this objective.

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