Doctors’ Strike Ends as KMPDU and Govt Sign Return-To-Work Agreement

May 9, 2024

Yesterday marked the end of the 56-day doctors’ strike as the Kenya Medical Practitioners Pharmacists Dentists Union signed a return-to-work agreement.

The conclusion follows a Tuesday order from the Employment and Labour Relations Court instructing the union and the government to devise a mutually acceptable return-to-work plan by Wednesday.

On Tuesday, doctors expressed their readiness to adhere to court directives and negotiate with the state on a return-to-work plan within 48 hours.

Previously, their union had stated its refusal to abide by court orders that suspended the strike on March 13, alleging government non-compliance.

However, KMPDU Chairman Abi Mwachi affirmed their commitment to complying with the latest court directives.

“Our KMPDU national advisory council held a meeting to plan on how to comply with the orders. It is incumbent upon both teams to rise to the occasion and show leadership, especially at such a time where the stakes are rising with every passing day,” he said.

“The judge ordered that we merge the two solitary RTWFs into a converged document within 48 hours. We are ready to comply as the KMPDU.”

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