285,000 Landowners in Nairobi Risk Losing Property Over Unpaid Land Rates

May 28, 2024

Nairobi County Finance Executive Charles Kerich has warned that over 285,000 property owners risk losing their assets due to unpaid land rates.

Speaking on Monday, Kerich noted that county records show 177,000 properties, while the Lands Ministry records indicate over 285,000 properties.

The Finance CEC mentioned that they are working with the ministry to incorporate the over 100,000 properties missing from county records.

Kerich explained that instead of increasing rates to cover deficits, they are expanding the base to collect more revenue from land rates.

“Meaning that they have another 100,000 properties that we do not have and therefore we have begun a conversation with the Ministry of Lands for integration,” he said.

“So that if there is any subdivision going on, as soon as it’s done at the ministry we get the information real-time. The whole idea is to bring this other 100,000 into the roll and start charging them rates so that you meet your target without burdening whoever is already compliant.”

Recently, the county listed all property owners who have defaulted on land rates, warning that their properties will be auctioned if they fail to make the required payments.

“The owners of the listed properties are advised to pay outstanding land rates arrears owed to Nairobi City County Government. Otherwise, the properties will be subject to penalties, interest, and enforcement actions, including auction by the Nairobi City County Government,” the notice reads.

Kerich also acknowledged that some people are on the defaulters list because they sold their properties long ago and failed to transfer ownership to the new owners.

He said the default notice serves as a reminder to owners to resolve such issues if there has been a change in ownership that has not been updated.

“Review the list, find your property, and if you sold it, deal with the buyer. We can then have a conversation because for sure the enforcement will come,” he said.

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