You Will Be Charged With Attempted Suicide If Found Using Flooded Roads

April 30, 2024

On Monday, April 29, Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki issued a directive stating that Kenyans crossing flooded rivers will face arrest and charges of attempted suicide.

County Security and Intelligence Committees (CSICs) across the country were instructed to enforce the directive with immediate effect.

“All CSICs are directed to immediately deploy enforcement teams at urban and rural road spots prone to stormwater flooding and without bridges or where the water has breached the bridge to prevent motorists or pedestrians from dangerous crossovers and to arrest and prosecute offenders for attempted suicide and/or attempted murder as the facts of the case may be,” the statement read in part.

“Prevent the transportation of passengers across flooded rivers or storm water by unsafe canoes or boats and arrest inexperienced and unscrupulous persons taking advantage of the prevailing situation to cash in on persons in distress.”

Inspection of All public and private dams and water reservoirs

Furthermore, all CSICs received orders to inspect all public and private dams and water reservoirs in their jurisdiction within 24 hours, starting from 1400hrs on Monday, April 29.

Following the inspection, Kindiki stated that the committees should recommend cases where compulsory evacuation and temporary resettlement orders are necessary. Explaining these stringent measures, Kindiki emphasized the government’s commitment to preventing further loss of lives and property caused by the widespread flooding.

In line with this objective, the government will coordinate with relevant agencies and partners to provide support to all those affected by the floods.

With the death toll from floods exceeding 100, CS Kindiki revealed that this was largely attributed to the negligence of motorists and pedestrians.

“There are reports of continued risky behaviour by motorists and pedestrians and casual treatment by members of the public of weather forecast,” Kindiki pointed out.

The CS also highlighted a concerning trend of Kenyans disregarding voluntary evacuation advisories.

Kindiki further pointed out instances where some Kenyans had resorted to using rudimentary canoes or boats on impassable roads.

Calling for an end to these actions, Kindiki emphasized that not only were they endangering lives, but they were also exploiting people in distress.

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