What Are the Best Colours to Wear on a First Date?

April 23, 2024

First dates are always stressful and anxiety-inducing because they are the first time you are meeting someone, and you do not know what their impression of you will be. It is understandable to worry about your outfit and the colours that would look best on you.

If you already know what colours you look best in, you already have excellent options for your first date. If you are unsure or want to experiment with something different, here are the best colours for a first date.


Pink is a beautiful, feminine and sweet colour that is very popular for first dates.

The beauty of pink is its versatility. You can find dresses, blazers, shoes and accessories in lighter pink shades that will look great on you depending on your complexion. If you are feeling more adventurous, you can put together an ensemble that follows the hot-pink colour code and create a palette around it.

Pink also pairs well with other colours like yellow, cyan or purple if you want to make an impression. If you do not like purple, you can always go with a much darker pink that will resemble purple under the right lighting.

Gents can wear pink too. However, you should know what shades work best with your complexion and how to pair them with different colours to get the effect you are going for.


Black is always an excellent go-to colour when in doubt. It is universally accepted that it evokes confidence, sophistication, and a sense of mystery. It is also an excellent option for both men and women, although both genders should style it differently to wear it the best way possible.

Black goes with just about anything, so you can choose it as your outfit’s base colour and add accessories with different colours to complete the look. For ladies, these include classy earrings, necklaces, or watches. For gentlemen, a silk tie and watch can help you dress in a black shirt better.

For contrast, wear brown, grey, or pastel-coloured trousers to avoid seeming overbearing by dressing all-black.


There are raging online conversations about whether red or black is the best colour for a first date. The truth is both are equally popular. However, black tends to skew more towards gents, while red skews towards ladies.

Red can look great on you if you choose the right shade, but the problem is that it draws too much attention. You can tone this down by pairing it with a white or black coat or blazer. You can then accessorise as you like.

Men can wear red too, but you need to be confident you can pull it off before you do so. Red tends to look best on men in small doses, such as on red shoes or ties.


Many fashion experts say blue is the most popular colour around the world, and for good reason.

First, it is a sign of loyalty and trust. Second, it makes the wearer seem more confident and intelligent, especially if they choose the right hues.

Blue is typically seen as a “male colour” but there are plenty of women who rock it.

The secret is finding hues you are comfortable in and that look great on you. If you do not know what they are, consult a fashion expert who will go through the different shades of blue with you and let you know which ones would work best.


Yellow is a bubbly and happy colour that lifts people’s spirits.

This means it is an excellent option for putting your date in a great mood. Many people perceive yellow as a gentle and cute colour, so this is the impression you will make on your date the first time they see you.

Like the colour pink, you can choose different yellow hues and colour accents to match it with depending on your mood. Yellow pairs well with red, orange, and earthy tones like lighter browns, so choose accessories in those colours for a more put-together look.

If you want to go with something bolder, pair yellow with purple.

These colours sit directly opposite each other on the colour wheel, so they complement each other well. However, one can overwhelm the other because they are both strong colours, so find a balance between the two if you put together an ensemble featuring both.

Choosing the colour of your outfit and accessories for a first date can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be if you follow some simple rules. Decide what first impressions you want to make, what colours look best on you, and how well you can accessorise the chosen colours.

Then think of how you can create visual interest by complementing or contrasting the main colour. Choose well, and the colours you wear can even become a conversation topic on your date.

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