Former MP Kimani Ngunjiri Quits UDA, Expresses Frustration Over Govt Appointments

April 4, 2024

Former Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri has quit the ruling United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party.

Wednesday morning, Ngunjiri declared that he would no longer contest for any elective seat on the party’s ticket, citing a lack of appreciation within its ranks.

The former MP, an ally of President William Ruto, however, noted that he would continue to support the head of state.

“I want to say in this media and everybody in Kenya to hear me, I am not in UDA. I will never wear yellow anymore. For the UDA, don’t talk about it because I am not part and parcel of it. I will support the president and I will go on either independent or other party but not UDA…that is a big problem that is ahead of us,” he said during a radio interview on Spice FM.

He highlighted unfairness in the allocation of positions within the party, questioning his exclusion despite his unwavering dedication to UDA.

Ngunjiri lamented that individuals who did not actively support the party in the last election have been rewarded with state jobs, while loyalists like himself have been left unemployed.

“I worked for UDA yet got no roles. Even before we could remove ourselves from the party, we had already been removed. Somebody like me, they are giving people positions, where am I? I was almost dying fighting for the UDA,” he said.

Ngunjiri was among the 50 Chief Administrative Secretaries (CASs) appointed by Ruto in March last year.

He was slated to serve as the Lands CAS.

Ngunjiri, who lost the Bahati Parliamentary seat in 2022, stated that he would either join another political party or run as an independent candidate in 2027.

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