Didmus Barasa Proposes Kenya Kwanza Rule for 50 Years

April 16, 2024

Kimilili Member of Parliament (MP) Didmus Barasa opines that the Kenya Kwanza government should dominate Kenya’s politics for the next 50 years.

Barasa advocates for the President William Ruto-led coalition to maintain its hold on the nation’s leadership for half a century, drawing parallels to South Africa’s African National Congress and Tanzania’s Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM).

On Monday, Barasa explained that this can be achieved without abolishing the cap on the presidential term limit. He said after President Ruto’s expected 10-year rule, all his successors should come from Kenya Kwanza.

“We can achieve that purpose by not necessarily removing the cap on the term limit but ensuring the presidents who will come after His Excellency Samoei Ruto will pick up from the progress that Ruto will have made from that time,” he told K24 TV.

Barasa’s suggestion comes barely a week after Kenyan industrialist Narendra Raval proposed that Ruto should lead the country for at least two and a half decades.

The Founder and Chair of the Devki Group of Companies described Ruto as a passionate leader who will bring change to Kenya.

“I have no words to say but to thank him. He loves us so much, he loves this country. God give him 100 years of life, I wish that we have this president for 25 years…mahali ingine iko miaka mingi sana, if we have him hii inchi itabadilika sana,”  the billionaire tycoon said.

Last year, Nandi County Senator Samson Cherargei proposed extending the presidential term limit from five to seven years.

He argued that the current term limit doesn’t provide enough time for an elected President to fulfill their mandate and promises to Kenyans.

Similarly, Fafi MP Salah Yakub had earlier proposed abolishing the two-term presidential limit and setting the age limit for contesting the same seat at 75.

According to the UDA legislator, presidential terms should not be restricted to only two, as this deprives effective leaders of the opportunity to further develop the nation.

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