“They Drank and Urinated Everywhere.. “Villagers To Hold Cleansing Rituals After Brian Chira’s Burial

March 28, 2024

The funeral of TikTok sensation Brian Chira on Tuesday, March 26, in Gitei village, Gathanje, Kiambu County, has sparked a wave of controversy and concern among local residents.

The event, which was intended to be a solemn occasion, turned into a spectacle as a large number of content creators from the “Chira Clan” gathered to pay their respects, leaving villagers astounded by the unconventional proceedings.

Contrary to the traditional, intimate ceremony expected for the 23-year-old, attended by immediate family, friends, and neighbors, the burial attracted hundreds of TikTokers.

Their presence and behavior overshadowed the event, as they flouted the norms respected by the village elders and even prevented religious leaders from conducting the graveside service.

The disorder escalated with drunken antics, the planting of flowers instead of the usual grave covering, and a general atmosphere of ‘partying’ rather than mourning.

Local residents expressed their dismay at the lack of respect for village customs and the disruptive behavior exhibited by the mourners.

“We didn’t like the way they dressed, smoked and drank alcohol in front of us. They didn’t even respect the clergy. They were disrespecting our Kikuyu traditions, and we’ve never seen that before. They urinated everywhere. That’s not the way we were brought up. We’re worried about their future and how they’re going to raise their own children,” lamented a villager.

The villagers are now considering a cleansing ceremony to rid the community of any negative spirits believed to have been left behind.

Their concern extends beyond the immediate disruption to fears about the influence such behavior could have on their children and the future adherence to cultural norms.

In a touching gesture of solidarity, the TikTok community raised over Sh10 million to support Chira’s grandmother, demonstrating their commitment to honoring Chira’s wish for her to have a comfortable home.

However, their actions at the burial site, including stepping on graves and performing rituals with alcohol, have been met with criticism for violating Kikuyu cultural practices.

“In Kikuyu culture, we don’t step on graves, dance around them, or drink alcohol there. They should go back to church because despite his fame, Brian is nothing after today; he’s left nothing to show that he ever existed,” one upset villager told Nation.

The incident has sparked a broader dialogue within the community about respect for traditions, the impact of social media fame, and the behavior of the younger generation.

As the village reflects on these events, there is a hopeful call for a return to cultural values and respect for the deceased and their families.

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