“I became President to change Kenya,” Ruto Assures Kenyans

March 25, 2024

President William Ruto has asserted that the Government will not falter in its resolve to implement projects that will transform Kenya. He emphasized that no amount of criticism will deter him from executing initiatives aimed at enhancing the lives of Kenyans.

Addressing the congregation at the Anglican Church of Kenya Emmanuel Church in Bahati, Nairobi, President Ruto reiterated that his primary focus remains the transformation of the country.

“I have no problem being called names so long as I am focused on the destiny of this country,” he said.

“I didn’t become President just for the sake of the title. I became President to change Kenya.” Ruto added.

Meanwhile, Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro has assured Kenyans of government interventions to address the cost of living and reduce food imports.

National Assembly Committee on Budget Chair Ndindi Nyoro stated that they have allocated more resources in the budget to provide affordable farm inputs such as seeds and fertilizer, aiming to boost food production and diminish food imports.

Ndindi Nyoro mentioned that Kenya spends Kes.100 billion annually to import edible oils, but the government has now provided inputs such as sunflower and canola seeds to reduce imports.

The Kiharu legislator also emphasized the government’s commitment to ending monopolies in the energy sector to enhance efficiency and increase access to electricity among Kenyans.

He highlighted that the government is working to liberalize the sale of meters in the market by authorizing certified shops to sell the products, ensuring more Kenyans can access electricity promptly.

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