Govt Mulls Reintroducing Affordable Beer in Fight Against Illicit Brews

March 26, 2024

The government is developing a plan to reintroduce cheap and healthy alcoholic beverages to eliminate illicit brew from the market.

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua stated that within this plan, the government will also tackle taxation issues that hinder the production of more affordable brands.

Gachagua revealed that discussions are underway with a prominent alcoholic beverages manufacturer regarding the production of the low-cost beer.

“We have asked the manufacturer to start a cheap, healthy and affordable alcoholic drink. We will address the taxation issue. The main problem is on the portable spirits, whose alcohol level is extremely high and toxic- which have ruined families. As a government we have a responsibility to eradicate the illicit brews,” said the DP.

In an interview with vernacular stations Kameme TV and Kameme FM on Monday, Gachagua clarified that the current campaign targets manufacturers and sellers of illicit and illegal brews.

The DP emphasized the government’s accomplishments and the continuous endeavors to improve the economy.

“Legit businesses will not be affected by the crackdown. Bar owners must unite and work with the government in eradicating the rogue traders and manufacturers producing the killer drinks. Instead of rushing to court to fight the crackdown, the bar owners should establish an organization to eradicate the rogue traders amongst them,” he said.

“Bar owners must stop claiming that the government is fighting their businesses. They should assist the government eradicate illicit drinks as they have also destroyed their businesses. We are not fighting legitimate businesses because the Ruto Administration supports genuine enterprises,” Gachagua said.

The DP affirmed that the government will not tolerate unscrupulous traders endangering people’s lives. He also urged governors to establish rehabilitation wards in Level Four hospitals to treat alcoholism addicts.

“Greed and overnight chase for accumulation of wealth led us into this menace. Let us be reasonable and responsible towards wealth creation. We will do whatever we can to win the war. The illicit brews have ruined families and killed young people,” Gachagua stated.

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