Cabinet Approves Campaign Against Illicit Brews and Narcotic Drugs

March 14, 2024

The Cabinet has endorsed the government’s actions in the fight against illegal brews and narcotic drugs.

As announced by the Interior Ministry, these measures involve suspending all 52 licenses and permits issued to manufacturers and distillers of second-generation alcohol for 21 days, revoking all bar licences issued by counties against the law, and conducting an audit of conflict of interest within the ranks of enforcement agencies.

Additional measures include nationwide crackdowns on the sale, transportation, distribution, and consumption of illicit brews and narcotic drugs.

The Cabinet has resolved that any public officials resisting these measures in the fight against illicit brews and drugs will be in violation of Chapter Six of the Constitution and the laws on conflict of interest. This pertains to officials in the National Police Service, National Administration, Kenya Revenue Authority, Kenya Bureau of Standards, public health, public prosecution, among others.

The Cabinet was briefed that since the Interior Ministry implemented these measures, 2,393 non-compliant premises, 359 pharmacies and chemists, and 452 agro-vets have been closed.

During a meeting chaired by President William Ruto at State House Nairobi on Wednesday, the Cabinet was informed that about 5,835 raids were conducted on illicit and narcotic premises, resulting in the seizure of 289,390 litres of illicit brews and 13,198 litres of counterfeit alcohol.

Furthermore, seven vessels used for drug trafficking, 3,603 rolls of bhang, and 44 stones have been confiscated.

Noting the rising cases of alcohol and drug addiction, the Cabinet instructed the Ministry of Health to develop a framework for establishing rehabilitation wards in all Level 5 hospitals.

Additionally, the ministry received direction to collaborate closely with county governments to ensure that each county establishes a rehabilitation center.

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