Ruto Emphasizes Inter-Governmental Cooperation is Key to Unlocking Kenya’s Potential

February 29, 2024

President William Ruto asserted that the government is committed to collaborating with county governments to unlock Kenya’s economic potential.

He outlined the goal to transform devolution beyond governance and resource-sharing into providing public services, fostering opportunities, facilitating radical economic revival, and enabling prosperity at the grassroots.

President Ruto explained that the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda is being implemented through value chains to enhance productivity in various sectors and industries at the county level.

“Under the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda, the government is committed to playing its designated role not only to strengthen devolution as a fundamental constitutional mandate, but also because devolved units have numerous opportunities for rapid economic growth,” he said.

During the Second Homa Bay County International Investment Conference on Tuesday, he highlighted initiatives such as creating special economic zones, county aggregation and industrial parks, promoting the hustler economy, and strengthening micro, small, and medium enterprises as key interventions to unlock the potential of counties.

“As we have noted, our achievements so far bear clear imprints of intergovernmental collaboration,” he noted, adding that programs like subsidised fertilizer, community health promoters, affordable housing projects, and the digital economy have significantly transformed the socio-economic growth of counties.

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