Murder Suspect Escapes Police Custody at Nakuru Hospital

February 2, 2024

Authorities are investigating two police officers in Nakuru County for allegedly assisting the escape of a murder suspect, Benson Muchiri, who was under their custody.

The officers, assigned to Molo Police Station, were responsible for guarding Muchiri while he received treatment at Nakuru Level Five Hospital. He managed to escape under unclear circumstances.

The suspect had reportedly fallen ill during his appearance before the Nakuru High Court on January 29, 2024, and the court had ordered his escort to the hospital.

Businessman Muchiri, charged with the murder of his employee Onesmus Manyara in the Casino area of Molo, had been granted a Sh500,000 bond. However, his surety applied to withdraw the bond after the accused skipped court on three occasions.

Molo Sub-County Police Commander Timon Odingo explained that the surety opted to withdraw due to concerns about losing his parcel of land following the suspect’s repeated absences from court.

The surety actively assisted the police in locating Muchiri, resulting in his arrest and subsequent escort to court.

“After his bond terms were withdrawn, the court directed that the suspect be remanded in prison. However, he fell ill in court and the two officers were directed to escort him to the hospital before returning him,” said the police commander.

The police boss stated that the suspect escaped under mysterious circumstances, prompting inquiries into the officers assigned to guard him.

Mr Odingo mentioned that internal disciplinary measures have been initiated, and legal action will be pursued against the officers if they are found culpable.

“We have launched investigations to establish the circumstances under which the suspect escaped, and should we discover that the officers had a role in it, we shall take them to court,” the sub-county police boss said.

Until his demise on July 22, 2019, Manyara worked as a security guard at a timber yard owned by Mr. Muchiri.

He passed away while in police custody after his employer forcibly escorted him to the Molo Police Station, alleging that he had stolen his car battery.

The police reported that he was in critical condition upon arrival at the police station.

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