“Justice is the only thing we want,” Monica Kimani’s Family

February 9, 2024

The family of Monica Kimani is expecting justice for the slain businesswoman with the High Court set to finally deliver a verdict on her murder case.

The judgment is scheduled to be delivered today( Friday, February 9), five years after Monica, 28, was murdered in her Lamuria Garden apartment in Kilimani, Nairobi.

The verdict has been a long time coming,  having been initially set to be issued on October 6, 2023. It was deferred after Lady Justice Grace Nzioka was reported to be ill.

A new date of December 15, 2023 was set but delivery of the verdict was once again put off to January 26, 2024. It was again postponed after one accused person, Jacque Maribe, was reported ill on January 26.

The ruling that had been scheduled for March 15, 2024, will now be delivered today following consent by parties.

Expressing frustration over the prolonged legal process, George Thiru Kimani, the brother of Monica Kimani, hopes that the impending judgment will finally provide closure to the family.

“It has really taken long, we have been going to court for over five years, we knew the matter would come to an end last year so that we can all move on. We have tough days, especially our parents but we just cope.”

“Justice is the only thing that we want, it will bring closure to the family. The past years have not been easy on us, especially our mother she is the most affected. We try and protect her from the noise and hurtful things said about my sister but I believe all this will come to an end once we get justice,” he said as quoted by Citizen Digital.

Monica and George Kimani. Photo/Handout.

Former Citizen TV news anchor Jacque Maribe will today know her fate alongside her co-accused and former fiance, Jowie Irungu. They were charged with Monica’s murder on October 15, 2018.

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George Kimani provided testimony in court, highlighting the anguish that the family experienced following the loss of Monica, who oversaw their business matters.

“Her biggest undoing was thinking everyone was her friend, because of her huge heart she welcomed everyone and did not know how to differentiate friends and foes,” he said.

The brother told Citizen that despite having retrieved some of Monica’s possessions, the family is still awaiting the transfer of her Kes. 4 million house in Kiambu.

“We are yet to recover the house we got almost everything else, whatever is remaining is with the prosecution team, I believe the case has to end for us to collect them,” George said.

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