Finya Computer Itoe Dollar: How To Register & Eligibility for Free Online Training Programme

February 21, 2024

President William Ruto’s administration, via the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, is implementing the ‘Finya Computer Itoe Dollar’ free online training program, aligning with the Kenya Kwanza administration’s commitment to fostering the adoption of opportunities within the digital economy.

Derived from Ruto’s widely known phrase, ‘Weka dollar mfukoni,’ made during numerous public rallies, the programme seeks to empower young Kenyans with digital skills and allow them access to opportunities in the gig economy.

The objective of the programme is to equip young people with the requisite knowledge, skills, and attitudes for digital/online work to enable them to access decent work and earn an income from the Gig & Freelancing Economy,” the Labour Ministry said in a notice.

The Ministry reports that the training program will consist of two modules. The first, named the ‘Basic Module,’ will deliver training in data entry, digital marketing, and virtual assistance.

The second, named the ‘Advanced Module,’ will provide skills and knowledge in ‘AI for Graphic Design.’

How to Register for Finya Computer Program & Eligibility

The program is scheduled to run from March 4th to 8th, with daily sessions from 8 am to 5 pm.

To register, interested candidates must use the dedicated program link: NATIONAL ONLINE WORK READINESS SKILLS TRAINING AND MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME. Additionally, applicants have the option to scan a QR code provided in a poster(Find Below), which will also direct them to the relevant document.

Upon accessing the link, applicants will need to input information details, including full names, gender, ID number, Sub-County of residence, and age.

The second phase of the registration process requires all interested individuals to choose their level of education, preferred module, and provide additional details, including a copy of identification documents.

Furthermore, eligibility criteria include being a Kenyan citizen, aged between 18-35 years, and possessing proficiency in computer skills.

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