Court Directs Hospitalization of Paul Mackenzie and Shakahola Followers Following Hunger Strike

February 21, 2024
Paul Mackenzie and Shakahola Followers at the Mombasa High Court on February 20, 2024

The court on Tuesday, February 20, 2024 directed the controversial preacher Paul Mackenzie and 94 of his Shakahola co-accused to be hospitalized for staging a hunger strike.

The Office of the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) noted that medical practitioners would assess the suspects’ nutrition and health condition.

Chief Magistrate Alex Ithuku issued the orders yesterday after being informed that the suspects had been on a hunger strike for several days.

“Mombasa Law courts Chief Magistrate Alex Ithuku has today ordered that Shakahola key suspect Paul Mackenzie and 94 others be taken to hospital after staging a fresh hunger strike. Hon. Ithuku’s directive comes after an application by the prosecution seeking to have the accused persons examined by medical practitioners on their nutrition and health condition,” ODPP noted.

In the same application, the prosecution informed the court that they oppose releasing the accused persons on bond due to the concern that they are flight risks, having abandoned their homes for Shakahola forest.

The ODPP informed the court that the suspects could face severe sentences if found guilty of the offenses. Therefore, releasing them would likely result in them absconding from court.

“The accused persons are glaring at severe sentences if found guilty of the offences, thus releasing them would likely see them abscond court. The prosecution further notes that Mackenzie and his co-accused are likely to interfere with key witnesses including children, whom they have immense control and influence over.”

Magistrate Ithuku instructed the filing of a social inquiry report on the current condition of the accused in court. This report will guide the court in determining the next course of action.

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