Cabinets for Firearms From the Proven Company Inkas Safes: High Level of Protection and Reliability

February 21, 2024

Every gun owner needs to create conditions for the safe storage of guns and other weapons. A great solution for this would be special constructions – gun cabinets.

They are specially created for orderly and safe storage. If necessary (sport shooting or home defense), they can be easily accessed.

To find the design that perfectly meets the requirements, there are several important aspects to consider.

They can be suggested by the company’s manager. The structure of this type of vault is approximately the same. Each of them is a spacious box that contains compartments and additional lockers inside.

The front of the product is equipped with a door. Such units are made of durable metal sheets.

However, the specifics of products for guns are somewhat different:

  •   *  The stock is equipped with a device for fixing the firing pin.
  •   *  Exclusive design. It is developed by well-known brands. These are premium safes with leather or velvet interior trim, gold-plated locks, and bulletproof glass. Such a gun safe is not only beautiful but also highly resistant to burglary.
  •   *  There is a cartridge compartment with a lock.
  •   *  Additional compartments for rifled pistols.
  •   *  Three-sided locking system.

When purchasing a gun security cabinet that will exactly meet specific requirements, it is better to take into account the size, number of compartments, shelves, design, and method of fastening.

The customer receives a storage facility where it is convenient to store the required number of firearms or traumatic means.

The manufacturer INKAS Safes is concerned about providing the highest degree of protection for your property.

That is why it uses the best and most durable materials. This makes INKAS Safes gun cabinets the optimal solution for any request. One of the important advantages is the double construction.

It provides reliable concealment of weapons and easy access for authorized users and fully complies with major standards.

Only high-quality steel is used for the production of these vaults. It reliably protects against many types of external threats. In particular, it is resistant to burglary and theft. Cabinets can be ordered in different sizes to suit individual needs.

It all depends on the type of weapon, its size and quantity.

However, functionality is not the only advantage of the storage facilities. They also have an aesthetic design, so they are suitable for different premises. They can be installed in offices, homes, and other facilities.

The coating of the products is not only stylish but also extremely durable. It allows you to significantly extend the service life.

How to Find the Right Gun Safe?

Let’s take a look at the most important aspects to consider when looking for a safe:

  •   *  Type of locking mechanism. There are mechanical combinations and electronic and biometric keys. The differences lie in the access provided. A simple option is a traditional key. A biometric lock has a sensor that scans a fingerprint.
  •   *  Protection level (class). The transom mechanism is the main factor that prevents burglary. It helps to close the safe securely. Products for weapons can be fireproof. However, this is not the only class. There are also combined fire-resistant models that have a higher degree of defense.
  •   *  Installation features (method and place). A weapon safe, which can be bought at an affordable price, is installed in an impassable place. It can be free-standing, corner, or built-in.

Additional options include childproofing, alarms, and branded authority.

According to the design, the vaults can be:

  •   *  unfilled;
  •   *  pouring models.

The difference is that the body of the latter consists of 2 walls, the space between which is filled with composite or concrete.

A gun safe that you can buy at a bargain price contains walls made of:

  •   *  Foam. They are characteristic of budget products, they are poorly fixed.
  •   *  Polyethylene foam. The fixation strength is better than that of foam.
  •   *  Rubber. It is a very reliable type used in premium safes.

Thus, a proper locker reduces the risk of theft, access by curious children, and damage in the event of a natural disaster.

Invest in quality storage equipment that will last forever.

This way, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your firearms and you have the necessary conditions for convenient storage.

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