Anthrax Outbreak Prompts Livestock Quarantine and Ban on Sale of Meat and Milk in Murang’a

February 14, 2024

The Murang’a County government has imposed a 14-day ban on the sale of meat and milk in Kahumbu ward following an anthrax outbreak.

Anthrax caused illness in over 300 residents who consumed meat from an infected cow in Kanguku, Karabai, Githembe, Kagwathi and Gwa Kiongo villages last Saturday.

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The owner of the cow asserted that it died from suffocation, and a self-proclaimed veterinary officer certified the meat before selling it to residents.

However, County Veterinary Officer William King’ori disclosed that the purported veterinary officer was a quack. He pointed out the presence of numerous individuals falsely claiming to be private veterinarians, providing substandard services to locals.

In an effort to control the spread of the disease, the county administration has also enforced a livestock quarantine in the area.

King’ori stated that the county government will conduct a vaccination exercise to control the viral disease.

He urged residents to dispose of milk from their cows, emphasizing that local butcheries will remain closed as county officers closely monitor the situation.

Governor Irungu Kang’ata announced that his administration has deployed a mobile clinic to the area, and medical fees for victims will be waived.

While visiting the area, he said, “the mobile clinic will test and treat anyone who could have come into contact with the contaminated meat.”

Kang’ata insisted that the veterinarian officer who approved the meat for consumption was not a county government employee and advocated for his prosecution.

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