What to Do if You Are Experiencing a Technology Issue

January 24, 2024

Technology issues are common. Although they can be frustrating, some of the most popular ways of fixing them can do more damage, such as bashing your computer or your keyboard.

To make sure that you do not take any counterproductive action, here is what you should do if you are experiencing an issue with the technology that you regularly use, whether this is one of your gadgets or the software that you are using. 

Employ Traceroute 

If you are having trouble with the network that you are using and are worried about its health, you should consider employing Traceroute.

This can be used to work out the issue that is preventing you from carrying out your tasks and can help you understand why your information is not reaching its destination or following the correct path. 

This will also enable you to work out if your computer’s security is compromised. You will then have a better understanding of the tech problem that is plaguing your device, which you can use to find a solution.

If you are struggling to use Traceroute yourself, you might be able to employ a cybersecurity company that uses Traceroute to help you with the digital disasters that you are currently experiencing. 

Run a Diagnostics Test

Your computer itself is equipped to help you handle any issues that occur.

Have you ever had a dialogue box pop up when your computer freezes or when a webpage fails? This dialogue box will often offer to test for the problem and report this back to Windows or the operating system that you use. 

You do not have to wait for this dialogue box to appear, though. Instead, you can simply go into your security settings and click the troubleshoot button.

This will employ the help of a troubleshooter that will tell you what the issue is and how you can prevent it from affecting your computer. 

Update Your Computer 

A simple step that you should take before you look into more extravagant ways of fixing your computer, though, is to check it for updates.

This is especially the case if you have previously ignored or put off its demands for an update, or if you closed down your computer halfway through the last one.

On your Windows PC, all you need to do is search for the ‘Check for Updates’ button in your settings. 

Your settings also provide a comprehensive list of your previous updates.

This will enable you to see whether you are working with the latest version of Windows as the tech company heads toward Windows 12.

Speak to a Tech Professional

If you are struggling to overcome the problem with your device and this is affecting your ability to do work or enjoy your PC, you should contact and speak to a tech professional.

They may be able to diagnose and fix the issue, although you might have to give up your laptop for some time to allow them to do this.

Many tech stores will also offer guarantees that allow you to take your laptop in for free repairs within a certain period of time. 

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