Three Arrested for Allegedly Scamming Parents Sh300,000 in Form 1 Placement Scheme

January 12, 2024

Police in Ndhiwa have detained three individuals linked to conning parents of Sh300,000 by promising to sponsor their children’s high school education.

The suspects, consisting of two men and a woman, were apprehended at Kobodo trading center and held in custody following complaints from parents who claimed to have been swindled by them.

The trio reportedly informed parents in Ndhiwa that they were members of a non-governmental organization, demanding Sh10,000 from each parent for registration. Additionally, they claimed they would provide support to students joining Form 1 by covering their secondary school fees.

Out of desperation, at least 30 parents handed over Sh10,000 to the suspects.

In a report filed at Kobodo police post, parents said they were requested to make payments for their children who scored 350 marks and above.

Ndhiwa Sub-county Police Commander Paul Rioba confirmed that the suspects managed to deceive at least 30 parents.

 “The parents sent the same amount of Sh10,000 each with the hope that their children will get support in secondary school,” Rioba said.

Transportation Fees and Other Logistics

The parents were informed that the funds would cover transportation and other logistics for taking their children to school.

Commander Rioba mentioned that the suspects came under scrutiny when certain parents began to suspect the group’s activities.

“They called the parents to a meeting at Kobodo trading centre where they promised to issue calling letters to students. The parents thought they had cleared everything and there was no demanding anything extra,” Rioba said.

One of the parents added: “We realized that they have conned us after the suspects started demanding calling letters and other documents to enable their children to get sponsored.”

Ndhiwa Sub-county Police Commander Paul Rioba mentioned, “A team of officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigation went to the ground to look into the case.”

Rioba stated that the money taken from parents has not yet been recovered.

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