Raila and Wanjigi Reportedly Met to Strategize Against Kenya Kwanza

January 11, 2024

Raila Odinga on Tuesday held a private two-hour meeting with billionaire businessman Jimmy Wanjigi at the Norfolk Hotel, just days after they both threatened a potential return to street protests over Kenya Kwanza’s stringent policies.

Neither spoke to the press after the lunch meeting, with Wanjigi later saying that they discussed matters of national importance.

“We discussed several issues but more importantly matters of national interest with the Azimio leader in our meeting that went very well,” Wanjigi said.

Raila on the other hand, who was unaccompanied by any of his allies, declined to speak to reporters.

However, a reliable source who wished to remain anonymous reportedly told the Standard that there was more to the secret meeting.

“They explored strategies for exposing Kenya Kwanza, which has been lying to the public. Their discussions were focused on the economy and high cost of living,” the publication quoted the source.

Further reports suggest that Wanjigi is seeking to collaborate with Raila in exerting pressure on the Kenya Kwanza administration to abandon the high taxation, which he claims is unbearable for Kenyans.

Last week Friday, the Safina Party 2022 presidential aspirant issued a warning to President William Ruto, cautioning him about a potential uprising by Kenyans against his government due to high taxation and punitive policies.

“You cannot wake up every day and continue to increase taxes. The people are the ones who are suffering. We want to tell you the truth that you have only three months and if you do not change you will see,” Wanjigi warned.

Tuesday’s meeting marked the first public meeting between Raila Odinga and the power broker since March 2022.

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