President Ruto Claims Opposition Lacks Solutions for Addressing Cost of Living

January 4, 2024

President William Ruto has criticized the Azimio La Umoja opposition coalition for criticizing his development strategies for the country without presenting practical alternatives.

The president specifically pointed out that the opposition lacks ideas to tackle the cost of living and pull the country out of an economic crisis.

“Give us viable alternative views if you have any. The opposition is empty and has nothing to offer. It has no plan. All they know is protests,” charged the President.

Ruto reiterated that the coalition led by Raila Odinga cannot be resorting to demonstrations on any given issue.

“Instead of disturbing citizens through protests, please tell Kenyans what your plans are compared to ours. We have said paying taxes is the only way to save our country from debt. What about you? Don’t tell us it’s through mass protests,” said the President.

In response to pressure from the opposition and civil society to reduce commodity prices, Ruto stated that his administration had already implemented policies aimed at easing the burden on ordinary citizens.

“We already have 200,000 sacks of fertilizer in the country. Some 2 million other sacks will be arriving at the end of the month (January),” he announced.

“Get ready to go back to farms, we produce enough food and eliminate starvation in our country. That is how we are going to sort the cost of living and hunger in the Republic of Kenya,” Dr Ruto added

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