Kenya Met: These are the Areas To Expect Heavy Rains This Weekend

January 12, 2024

The Kenya Meteorological Department has issued an advisory for an upcoming rainy weekend.

The forecast indicates that isolated storms and significant rainfall are expected in the highlands east of the Rift Valley, including Nairobi.

Additionally, regions to the south of the Rift Valley, along with parts of the coastal strip and the southeastern lowlands, are also likely to see precipitation.

The Met Department also noted that counties such as Isiolo and Samburu could experience rain from Friday through Monday.

In response to last week’s heavy rains that affected various parts of the country, the Nairobi County Government deployed emergency response teams to areas like Githogoro and Mukuru to address the resultant damage.

According to a statement, the Nairobi County Rapid Response team, led by Chief Officer Bramwel Simiyu, is currently engaged in a collaborative assessment with the Red Cross and Disaster Management Officers (DMOs).

This joint exercise aims to gauge the full impact of the recent heavy rains.

“Nairobi County Rapid Response team led by Chief Officer Bramwel Simiyu is currently carrying out a joint County-wide assessment exercise with Red Cross/DMOs to establish the extent of the impact of last evening’s heavy rains,” the statement elaborated.

The recent intense rainfall has caused significant disruptions, flooding streets and compelling some businesses to close temporarily.

The deluge also led to major transportation challenges, with many motorists and commuters stranded due to the waterlogged and impassable roads across different parts of the city.

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