Boda Boda Riders Demand Sh426 Billion Compensation from Govt Over Campaign Slogan

January 5, 2024

A group of boda boda operators has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the Kenya Kwanza government, accusing it of excluding them from government plans despite using them during the campaigns.

According to court documents obtained by Citizen Digital, the boda boda riders contend that during the period leading up to the 2022 General Election, Kenya Kwanza conducted a campaign primarily focused on empowering and improving the lives of individuals involved in boda boda and Mama Mboga businesses.

The riders assert that the President William Ruto-led government has subsequently propagated a narrative claiming that the strictures of the current political administration comprise boda boda and Mama Mboga individuals, which they argue is entirely inaccurate and unfounded.

“THAT as a result of the impugned utterances by the Members of the 1st Respondent political science party, the people engaged in boda boss business to earn a living suffer massive financial losses, in the future irreparable harm to their goodwill and business signatures,” reads the court papers.

Bodaboda Riders And Mama Mbogas Subjected to Psychological Trauma

The petition, filed by Malindi boda boda operators, Linda Jamii, and others, also contends that the Kenya Kwanza slogan has resulted in the boda boda and Mama Mboga business people losing their income due to the hostility arising from Kenyans’ dissatisfaction with the current government.

“Additionally, the utterances of the Members of the 1st Respondent political party that the current executive arm of the government of Kenya is comprised of the boda boda and Mama mboga wo/men subject persons engaged in boda boda and Mama Mboga business to psychological trauma owing to the reduction in their source of income and hostility of the people of Kenya who are clearly dissatisfied with the government’s inability to bring down the cost of living,” the petition further reads.

They now seek an injunction restraining the government from making statements on Mama Mbona and Bodaboda, arguing that such utterances have the potential to violate the petitioners’ rights and fundamental freedoms.

In the petition filed by Malindi Bodaboda operators, Linda Jamii, and others, the petitioners are also pursuing compensation of Sh426 billion.

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