Australia-Based Kenyan Singer Lucy Musa Opens Up on Lover’s Deception After Funding His Lifestyle

January 8, 2024

Australia-based Kenyan singer Lucy Musa opened up about the events that prompted her musical hiatus and subsequent relocation to Australia about seven years ago, revealing that her former lover played her, causing depression that compelled her to quit music and move to Australia.

In her first radio interview since returning to Kenya for her music relaunch, Lucy Musa revealed to Mwende Macharia on Radio Maisha that she experienced a romantic scam in a long-term relationship she believed would culminate in marriage.

“I came to find out that this man, my lover then, was in multiple relationships, yet I had invested in my marriage for us to have the best future.

“Sio wanaume tu hukuliwa fare. Even women get scammed. I was in this relationship with a man whom I thought was my real lover. We were two years apart in age and we were together for five and a half years. I was in and out of the country and it was easy for me to get caught up in this while thinking I was making an investment at home. This was a romantic scam,” she said.


In the first track from the upcoming album, “Uwii,” Lucy delves into her relationship challenges, drawing inspiration from her past experiences with her ex. The song features her mother as well.

“In the five years we dated, I funded our projects, including his personal life, only to come to discover that it was all a scam, a big lie.

“It was a real character development…More than character development and something I would not wish anyone would go through. Not that I am bitter about it anymore but I would encourage any woman out there who has suffered the same not to be shy about it. My mum used to warn me about it but I never took her advice,” Lucy said.

In addition to “Uwii,” Lucy’s other song, “Duck,” elaborates on the dynamics of her failed relationship.

“I don’t want anyone to pity me because have discovered that many girls in Nairobi and worldwide have gone through the same thing but are afraid to accept that they have to move on. I want us to have fun over the sad incident and move on.” She said.

“There are about nine songs ready, complete with the videos. I have been in South Africa working on this for about three months and now I am in Nairobi to relaunch my music career. I am ready to start again,” the singer added.

Lucy is currently on a media tour in preparation for the release of her album and the upcoming listening party scheduled for later this month.

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