Ruto Rejects Credit For Drop in Fuel Prices: “Don’t Clap for Me…It Won’t Help”

December 18, 2023

President William Ruto declined applause for the recent decrease in fuel prices, emphasizing that the matter was beyond his control.

The December review in fuel costs resulted in pump prices decreasing to Sh212.36 in Nairobi for super petrol (from Sh217) and Sh201.47 (from Sh203.47) for diesel.

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“I told you prices of fuel will come down. I am telling you again, the prices will reduce further next month. But do not clap for me… because I have not done anything to reduce that price. I have done nothing… You have only helped to clap for me, but there is nothing I have done,” President Ruto.

Speaking in Kisii over the weekend, Ruto said he has specific responsibilities, and there are tasks he cannot undertake.

“This is because I am not the one who increases or reduces the price of fuel. Some people own oil out there, they bring us the prices. The only thing I am announcing to you is that those who bring that fuel have reduced the prices and it will continue doing so,” Ruto stated.

‘Leaders Are Not Miracle Workers’

In his address, the President implied that making promises about reducing pump prices would be deceptive.

“The problem in Kenya is about our leadership, leaders who don’t want to tell the truth. Leaders are not people meant to perform miracles. There are no miracles, leaders are not angels. Only Jesus can perform miracles, the rest of us is all about working hard,” said Dr Ruto.

“There are those who want to be clapped for and they keep lying to Kenyans. Let us stop lying. Where it is my responsibility, I will work very hard. But even so, when things have become good, let us not claim credit where we have done nothing. Don’t clap for me, your clapping won’t help,” added President Ruto.

He emphasized that responsibilities are clearly defined for each leader, and it is crucial to acknowledge and fulfill the tasks assigned to each of them.

“There is work that I must do, like reducing the cost of fertiliser. We must tell each other the truth. They are saying the president can reduce the cost of fuel, will he do that? With what?” Ruto posed.

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