Raila Warns Ruto: “Even Moi Used to Say He was Unstoppable and We Stopped Him”

December 18, 2023

Opposition leader Raila Odinga condemned President William Ruto for his recent ‘unstoppable’ statement, alleging that it signified an intent to push forward policies that had been halted by the courts due to illegalities and unconstitutionality.

The ODM Party leader pointed out that President Ruto’s forceful implementation of unpopular policies as well as disregard for Parliament and the people, resembled the actions of former President Daniel Moi, whom, he said, Kenyans successfully halted.

When someone says I am unstoppable, what does he mean? Who is he? Nyayo (Moi) used to say he was unstoppable. We stopped him. If we stopped Nyayo, who are you?” Raila posed, referring to President Ruto’s recent assertion that the Social Health Insurance Fund couldn’t be stopped even in the face of court intervention.

Speaking in Kanduyi, Bungoma County, during the burial service of former MP Lawrence Sifuna, Odinga expressed confidence that he would prevent the President from forcefully implementing unpopular policies that are passed through Parliament, where Kenya Kwanza enjoys a majority.

‘Kenya in a Dangerous Place’

According to Odinga, any attempt to operate outside the constitution or change it would face resistance from the people. He mentioned that the country is in a dangerous place.

“Kenya is now in a dangerous place. But the people have the Constitution; and it is there to protect them. If they try changing it or working outside it, we the people will say no. I know our fallen friend Sifuna would have been on the forefront also saying no,” said the former Premier.

President Ruto has maintained his determination to implement his agenda, including the rollout of universal health coverage, collecting a Housing Levy for a plan to construct 200,000 houses annually and generate thousands of jobs, selling key parastatals with assets worth Sh200 billion, and entering into labor emigration agreements to send Kenyans to other countries. Despite facing opposition from the courts and the political Opposition, he insists that these plans will proceed as planned.

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