Okiya Omtatah Frustrated by Police While Trying to File Death Threat Complaints Against Ruto

December 20, 2023

On Tuesday morning, Police Officers at Nyanchwa Police Station in Kisii County rejected Busia Senator Okiya Omtatah’s attempt to file death threat claims against President William Ruto.

Omtatah was turned away from Nyanchwa Police after trying to submit another report at Mosocho Police Station in Kitutu Chache South.

The popular activist alleged that, during a church function at Cardinal High School in Mosocho, where he conducted a fundraiser on Saturday, December 16, Ruto made death threats against him and others obstructing his policies.

The senator contended that, by challenging the Housing Levy in court, he perceived the threat as being directed specifically at him.

“As he was speaking he started censuring those who challenged the Finance Act ruling particularly on the Housing Levy. He said that he will deal with them with the sword he was given in Kasarani,” said Omtatah.

“He(Ruto) said that the sword is not for cutting vegetables but it is for dealing with those crooks opposing his government. I am not a crook and I have never done anything that can label me as a crook.”

Despite encountering frustrations with the police, Omtatah has pledged to ensure that his statement is officially recorded, and an investigation is initiated into President Ruto’s statement.

“I have met a bullish OCPD who thinks he understands the law and has refused to take my statement. I will follow the law and ensure that this statement will be on record,” said Omtatah.

“Even if I fail to take Ruto to court now, he will not be president forever. It will reach a point where he will leave and we will challenge him. We want that matter investigated.”

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